One Page Business Plan for Nonprofits


In the nonprofit world, strategic planning processes can be brain-numbingly complex and ineffective. They can also be time consuming and expensive, providing little to no return on investment for both donors and the organization itself.  

What if you captured your strategic nonprofit business plan on just one piece of paper? A simple document that was easy to understand, simple to communicate, and actionable.

The key to planning – and executing – is simplicity. And the key to simplicity is focus.

Enter Jim Horan, the author of the One Page Business Plan for Nonprofit Organizations.  

Horan’s book links vision to strategy, strategy to execution, and execution to results.

It’s focus on simple strategic planning also forces a team to focus and prioritize, greasing the wheels of implementation.

Simply put, a one-page nonprofit business plan is an incredibly effective tool for teams and organizations to achieve results, because it can help rally donors, staff and other stakeholders around the organization’s core values and initiatives.

To give you an idea of Jim Horan and his approach, here’s an excerpt from the book:

If your nonprofit is struggling with its planning process…it is highly likely you have made too big of a project out of it…instead of documenting everything you know about your organization and all the decisions have already been made…get focused on the issues and opportunities that have the potential to move your organization forward…and monitor progress and results religiously.”   

The One Page Business Plan for Nonprofit Organizations is the simple solution to a complex challenge. It’s widely recognized for helping directors, boards, management, and volunteers clearly define, communicate and achieve their goals at the organizational, departmental, project and program levels.

This work is particularly great for:

  • New nonprofit organizations
  • Strategic planning
  • Expansion or new undertakings of established nonprofits
  • Project management
  • Social enterprise planning

Thousands of nonprofits have successfully written and implemented One Page Plans with this simple and effective planning methodology. We highly recommend that you check out The One One Page Business Plan for Nonprofit Organizations.

Cheers to your successful planning future!

All the best,

Jacqui Long | Communications | Yippiekiyay Nonprofit Solutions


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