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CONGRATULATIONS on taking advantage of our 990 Filing Service!

You've made the right choice to work with us, and we're excited to be with you on this journey!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the instructions below, then click the "990 Information Profile" button below, and we'll follow up with next steps.

Here's what you need to do next...

  • Housekeeping Items

    Please “whitelist” your lifeline to us at [email protected] or visit our Help Desk to obtain assistance once your file is underway.

    We understand it’s tempting to pick up the phone, but because of CRAZY long hold times at the IRS, and the fact that we’re often working with customers, you’ll actually get faster service by emailing us or through the Help Desk!

  • Three Things You Need...

    In order to create your profile, you’ll need THREE items:

    (1) Org name, address, and EIN Number; (2) Responsible Party (authorized signer); and (3) Approximate revenues for the 2018 tax year.

    You’ll get more detailed info to help you along once you begin the Vital Information form.

  • Now...Create Your Profile!

    Ready with those three items? Go ahead and click the orange button below!. If not, don’t worry – we’ll also email you the link so you can do this later!

    Once you do, you’ll confirm the information, and we’ll file your 990-N.

    Relax and enjoy the process…we’re here to help!

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