We'll be the Sherpa for a small band of adventurers ... the outcome? Money in the bank.

The Most Important Investment You'll Ever Make

You invested time, treasure, and talent in your organization. You’ve told everyone why you are out to serve the most important cause in the world. Yet, if you don’t have money for staff, programs, supplies, equipment or a location ... burnout and failure is inevitable.

If you don’t want to (or can’t afford to) wait for a lengthy and often risky grant-writing process, if you’re tired of lame fundraising ideas with high-cost and/or low returns (such as bake sales, low-dollar auctions, and Kickstarter-style crowdfunding campaigns), we guarantee this is the fastest path to cash.


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Meet Your Sherpas


Dan is a fundraiser with nearly 15 years of frontline and leadership experience in nonprofit fundraising. As is the story with many, Dan fell into the profession while at Geneva College. After spending 6 years in issue advocacy fundraising, Dan took a decided step into philanthropy in 2009, moving to Morris Animal Foundation where his passion grew for philanthropy and the role of the fundraiser. At Morris Dan rose through the ranks to become Chief Development Officer, heading up both individual and corporate philanthropy.

In 2014, Dan cofounded Seed, a fundraiser training company designed to address the increasing demand for elite fundraisers. Today, Seed trains professional fundraisers and non-profit leaders across the country to meet the funding needs of society’s greatest work. While Dan is a proud native of Pittsburgh, PA, he and his family live in the Virginia Village neighborhood of Denver, CO. Dan loves poetry, spirited discussions about ideas, the texture of Pittsburgh, the crafts of Kentucky, hockey, cocktails, and big dogs.

Over the past 30 years, Christian has raised millions for causes and companies, while developing and managing dozens of successful marketing and advocacy campaigns. His lifelong battles against Simon Bar Sinister led to expanding civil liberties, advancing free market principles and as a certified therapeutic foster and adoptive parent and advocate.

Now as CEO of Yippiekiyay Nonprofit Solutions, his mission is to empower heroes across the world to make an impact for good. A New Jersey native and Rutgers alum who fell in love with the Rocky Mountains upon moving to Colorado in 2002, Christian likes to spend off-hours riding bikes with his family and riding his KTM dirt bike off-road in the vast desert and mountain trail systems across the West.



What is the Altitude Fundraising Immersion Program?

This is a limited-release, 12-week immersion program which will leverage a couple of hours per week of work into potentially unlimited funding. Our Sherpa's will not only teach you the fastest and most robust type of fundraising for a new or growing organization in existence - what we call “Direct Request.”

It will equip you with a tactical arsenal of materials tailored to you and your organization so you can get into the field virtually immediately and manifest an increase in the dollar amount residing in your Nonprofit’s bank account.

For the first 6 weeks, you will will ascend your own “Mount Everest” through the “5 Camps” of fundraising; the second 6 weeks will be an implementation of what you’ve learned so you can “Summit the Peak” to see the world from an entirely new, invigorated and empowered perspective.


(Hurry! This program is limited to 10 places and there are only 2 spots left ...)

You Have the Right Stuff

There is an effective fundraiser inside every nonprofit leader, waiting to be unshackled. “sales” orientation or experience is irrelevant. This 12-week program is designed to take any ethical, committed nonprofit leader - with or without experience - and create the right mindset, message, materials, and market, so you can allow the money to flow to you, measure your results, and maintain your giving base for future results.

This is not a program of principles and platitudes - your Lead Sherpa will create and implement his own fundraising program from scratch alongside you, and breathe the same crisp air at each plateau along the way.

Together, we will take a journey where every step builds on another until you’ve reached the top, and then crossed over into the land of fundraising milk and honey.

Go Up the Mountain, or Languish In the Valley

Many, many past students of this fundraising program have raised millions of dollars over past years, and there is literally no limit to the amount you can bring in through this program.

With the right commitment, we think you’ll raise 3x the program’s cost by the end of the 12-weeks. If you serve our Creator, your fellow man, or the planet upon which we all live, and you get started today putting dollars to work, there is no limit to the good you can do.

There are some who will choose not to invest in this program. They will likely continue to rely on personal funds while slowly going broke, alienating friends, family and followers who once believed.

Make the Decision to Fund Your Vision Today

Don’t allow yourself to become one of those searching email archives for this material one or more years from now, wishing you had more than enough for a “Happy Meal” showing on your latest bank statement, wondering how you’ll keep your nonprofit’s doors open until the end of the month.


Limited space - the last 2 spots will go fast!

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