How to Use Your Corporate Governance Docs Package


5 Best Practices for the Board Chair

  1. Prepare the board meeting agenda in advance
  2. Make your agenda strategic
  3. Start and end on time
  4. Address Decisions, not Updates
  5. Keep good meeting minutes

BONUS: Mindset of the the Board Chairman - the Secret Weapon for awesome meetings!

DOWNLOAD the PDF Hot Sheet on managing Your Board Meeting (including details on these Best Practices and Board Agenda) below!

Board Agenda (PDF Download Below)

ITEM #1: Recognize a Quorum (1 minute)

ITEM #2: Call to Order (1 minute)

ITEM #3: Approve the Agenda (1 minute)

ITEM #4: Approve Previous Minutes (5 minutes)

ITEM #5: Reports & Communications (5 minutes)

ITEM #6: Old Business (5 minutes)

ITEM #7: New Business (5 minutes)

ITEM #8: Other Business (3 minutes)

ITEM #9: Adjourn the Meeting (3 minutes)


Slides & PDF Hot Sheet w/Details & Agenda Below

Presentation Slides (PDF)


PDF Hot Sheet w/Details & Agenda

Click on the image to download the PDF Hot Sheet

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