Case Studies

Part One of Nonprofits Changing the World with Yippiekiyay: Palacios Foundation

Palacios Foundation The Palacios Foundation is a multi-generational nonprofit first founded by Cilia Guiomor Mosquera De Palacios. She was best known by those who loved her as “chiquita,” which means little woman in Spanish. Her short stature was … [Read more...]

Inaugural Changemakers Forum | Main Interview | Amy Friedman CEO of Book Trust

We're honored with the outcome of our Inaugural Changemakers Forum! It brought together some of the top impact-oriented leaders in Colorado (110 in attendance) with the goal of not only learning and connecting with each other but learning … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) Nonprofit Takes a “Millennial Perspective” to Empower Chicago | Fresh Vision Group | LeRoi Catlin

Every city has it’s challenges, and the Southside of Chicago has definitely seen its fair share of negative attention.But rather than writing off this part of the the city as “Bad” or “Dangerous” and ignoring the people living in it, how about … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) Nonprofit Empowers Domestic Violence Survivors | Healing & Hope | Chystal Pate

 On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States.That’s tough information to take in, not to mention an extremely sensitive and likely complicated problem to solve.But, … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) Nonprofit Customer Gets Awesome Show on Animal Planet

 You just never know what opportunities will present themselves when you stay connected with your mission.Nate Schoemer is a perfect example of that.Nate was one of our first 501(c)3 formation customers with a mission to start his … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) Nonprofit Teaches Entrepreneurship to Impoverished Kids | Wisdom for Kids | Angel Ribo

 81 million kids live in poverty in Latin America with no resources to succeed.Enter Angel Ribo, Co Founder and CEO of Wisdom for Kids, a nonprofit laser focused on empowering the children of Latin America with entrepreneurial … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) Nonprofit Gets a 501(c)3 in 9 Days to Bring Emergency Assistance in Times of Crisis

 Michael Hirschman is the Board President of FEAT, an emergency assistance nonprofit located in Colorado.FEAT stands for Four-wheel Emergency Assistance Team, and is an organization that helps transport personnel, equipment and supplies … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) 501(c)3 in 8 Weeks Helps Save Kids in Columbia | Palacios Foundation | Deanna Brauer

 We’re thrilled to share this interview with Deanna Brauer, Executive Director of the Palacios Foundation, a nonprofit serving disadvantaged children in Columbia.Deanna is the leader of a multi-generational legacy, as the Palacios … [Read more...]

Case Study: Enabling the Disabled

Resource aggregator uses Yippiekiyay Nonprofit Solutions to obtain 501c(3) status quicker and solicit donations ahead of schedule Looking at the bigger picture For most of the last five years, Andrew Horn has worked to serve … [Read more...]

Case Study: Nonprofit Support from Exemplar Consulting

Innovative advisory firm uses Yippiekiyay to accelerate IRS tax-exempt status and fundraising compliance for world-changing nonprofits. A new way to support not-for-profit business Charitable and nonprofit organizations probably aren’t the first … [Read more...]