Nonprofit Leaders: Work less – live longer! (And happier)

Guest Post: Nonprofit Leaders, Work Less - live longer! (And Happier) In this post we’re going to explore a number of tech solutions that help solo founders of nonprofit organizations AND for-profits work less (on the tedious stuff), produce more, … [Read more...]

An Easier Way to Manage Your Startup Nonprofit

  Better known around here as “The Mighty Triumvirate of Free Apps That Will Make Your Life Awesome”, studies show these can cut your stress-load and your workload by one zillion percent. These three amazing, easy-to-use tools can channel the … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Social Media Setup

Posts, Tweets, and Shares . . . oh my! The good news? You don’t have the same problem with social media that you do with the website issue – because there are only a few social media tools you should be using.The bad news? Social media, like … [Read more...]

1-Page-Nonprofit Business Plan

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” However, too often – and this has happened to nearly everyone – it’s not the failure to plan, but simply being unsure of the steps involved, that can kill a dream of doing big things – … [Read more...]

Recruit Your Nonprofit Founding Board of Directors

Start simple. You + Two Friends. Loyalty comes first.Now that you’ve got your “Instant Impact” Statement down, you need to find friends (we recommend just two when you’re starting out) who can sit on your board. Here are a few simple principles … [Read more...]

How to Name Your Nonprofit Organization

Curious about the best process to select a name for your new entity? Whether you're starting a nonprofit or a commercial venture, the challenges and principles of naming your organization are fundamental. The idea is to keep this process short and … [Read more...]

Got a Colorado Nonprofit? Try this Fast and Easy Grant!

Colorado Nonprofits, listen up! What could YOUR organization do with an extra $500 to $1500? How would it feel to obtain some funds without spending weeks days, or even hours on complex grant applications or making dozens of donor phone … [Read more...]

Simple Tax Exempt Status — Making the Impossible Possible

What makes a person a hero? We’ve all heard stories of intrepid explorers or courageous soldiers, but what if your daily life seems much more ordinary than the actions we deem “heroic”? At Yippiekiyay, we believe anyone has the potential to be a … [Read more...]

5 Myths about Winning Grants…And How to Bust Them

The promise of winning large grants lures many nonprofits into thinking foundations are key to stabilizing their funding. As the founder of one small nonprofit admitted, "I used to think foundations represented distant money pots that our team just … [Read more...]