How to start a nonprofit

Part Four of Starting a Nonprofit: How to Choose the Best Board of Directors

Starting Your Nonprofit Sweat equity. That’s how you’ve been putting the pieces of your nonprofit startup together so far. You’re working hard and doing your best to learn all the important details. Things such as filing for a 501(c)3 IRS status, … [Read more...]

Time is Money: Here’s How Yippiekiyay Can Save You Both

When it comes to filing your 501(c)3 application forms for nonprofit status, Yippiekiyay can help you do it faster—which will save you both precious time and money. Our team has years of practical, hands-on knowledge gleaned from helping other heroes … [Read more...]

Part Three of Starting a Nonprofit: Finding a Name That’s Catchy and Legal

You’ve already sat down with paper and pencil in your quest to choose the perfect name for your nonprofit. You’ve tapped your high school English class memories and written down active, evocative, punchy words that embody your mission and stick in … [Read more...]

What Does Filing for Your 501(c)3 Look Like With Us?

You’ve got the 13 Point Checklist for starting your 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; you’ve read Kate’s post addressing the typical paperwork (and its complications), general as well as potential hidden fees, and probably wait times for IRS approval; … [Read more...]

Part Two of Starting A Nonprofit: What You Need to Know About Writing Your Best Mission Statement

Have you ever stumbled across a nonprofit and wondered what exactly it is that they do? Who do they serve? What do they do for those they serve? Hopefully, you were able to go to their social media feed or website and figure it out pretty quickly … [Read more...]

Part Two: Tips for Every Executive Director Starting a Nonprofit

Nonprofit Startups In part one of this series, we talked about how getting your official 501(c)3 status is only the beginning. Beth Brockling, founder and executive director of Sweet Celebrations, talked about five things every executive director … [Read more...]

What Does Filing for Your 501(c)3 Look Like Without Us?

There are all kinds of fantastic nonprofits in the world, from well-established efforts like Habitat for Humanity that builds housing for the poor and World Wildlife Fund that protects the planet’s diversity, to lesser-known organizations like … [Read more...]

How to Build a Lasting Nonprofit Foundation

  Once you’ve done your strategic research and planning and determined the need for your new nonprofit, you now need to build the foundation of your organization. The following questions will help set you up for success: 1. Do YOU have … [Read more...]

4 Things to Research Before Starting a Nonprofit

  To successfully start a nonprofit, you must do strategic research and planning….just like an entrepreneur would looking to enter a market. The less you can say “I wish I would have known that” the better. Unfortunately, nearly half … [Read more...]

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Nonprofit? 501(c)3 Express (VIDEO)

  If you're starting a 501(c)3 nonprofit and are planning to make 50K or less in annual revenues in any of the first three years of existence, then you qualify for the Express 501(c)3 application package. We fast-track the application … [Read more...]