How to start a nonprofit

What Does Filing for Your 501(c)3 Look Like Without Us?

There are all kinds of fantastic nonprofits in the world, from well-established efforts like Habitat for Humanity that builds housing for the poor and World Wildlife Fund that protects the planet’s diversity, to lesser-known organizations like … [Read more...]

Part One of Starting a Nonprofit: Choosing The Right Name

When you’re thinking about how to start a nonprofit organization, you want to get to the heart of your mission. Think about the motivating spirit, the thing that sets your pulse beating a little faster. Feelings, emotions, passion, commitment. It’s … [Read more...]

How to Build a Lasting Nonprofit Foundation

 Once you’ve done your strategic research and planning and determined the need for your new nonprofit, you now need to build the foundation of your organization.The following questions will help set you up for success:1. Do YOU have … [Read more...]

4 Things to Research Before Starting a Nonprofit

 To successfully start a nonprofit, you must do strategic research and planning….just like an entrepreneur would looking to enter a market.The less you can say “I wish I would have known that” the better.Unfortunately, nearly half … [Read more...]

Express vs. Enterprise Nonprofit 501(c)3 Package – How to Choose

 Yippiekiyay offers two different 501(c)3 packages: Express and Enterprise, these correspond with the two paths - and two application types - the IRS uses to make the Tax-Exempt Determination.Watch the video below as Nicole, our … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) 5 Things to Start a 501(c)3 Nonprofit

 At Yippiekiyay, we believe that it shouldn’t be hard to do good. We help nonprofit heroes achieve 501(c)3 tax-exempt status and fundraising compliance with our one-stop online platform.Starting a nonprofit can seem overwhelming, but it … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) How to Start a Nonprofit 13 Point Checklist

How to Start a NonprofitIf you’ve ever thought about starting a nonprofit, chances are you’ve wondered about what’s involved and what’s important…. which probably led to some Google research and potential paralysis by analysis.... which then led … [Read more...]

One Page Business Plan for Nonprofits

 When starting your nonrprofit, it's best to keep things simple and concise so you can move quickly and get things done. Parts of the nonprofit world are known for strategic planning processes that can be brain-numbingly complex and … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) How to Incorporate a Nonprofit

 Benefits of Nonprofit IncorporationFirst and foremost, nonprofit incorporation is necessary to obtain 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, which opens the floodgates to accessing the financial resources needed to run a successful nonprofit … [Read more...]

Writing Your First Nonprofit Fundraising Letter

Right alongside “Death” and the “Fear of Public Speaking” is the “Fear of Writing a Nonprofit  Fundraising Letter”. But we’ve got you covered! The art of copywriting is the subject of intense debate, intense opinions, and most of the common wisdom … [Read more...]