Nonprofit 101

Part Three of Starting a Nonprofit: Finding a Name That’s Catchy and Legal

You’ve already sat down with paper and pencil in your quest to choose the perfect name for your nonprofit. You’ve tapped your high school English class memories and written down active, evocative, punchy words that embody your mission and stick in … [Read more...]

Part Two: Tips for Every Executive Director Starting a Nonprofit

Nonprofit Startups In part one of this series, we talked about how getting your official 501(c)3 status is only the beginning. Beth Brockling, founder and executive director of Sweet Celebrations, talked about five things every executive director … [Read more...]

What Does Filing for Your 501(c)3 Look Like Without Us?

There are all kinds of fantastic nonprofits in the world, from well-established efforts like Habitat for Humanity that builds housing for the poor and World Wildlife Fund that protects the planet’s diversity, to lesser-known organizations like … [Read more...]

Part One of Starting a Nonprofit: Choosing The Right Name

When you’re thinking about how to start a nonprofit organization, you want to get to the heart of your mission. Think about the motivating spirit, the thing that sets your pulse beating a little faster. Feelings, emotions, passion, commitment. It’s … [Read more...]

Part One: Tips for Every Executive Director Starting a Nonprofit

Starting a Nonprofit Starting a nonprofit is only the beginning. A successful and growing 501(c)3 brings with it a new learning curve that can make or break your organization. Growing pains that come with growth are the best kinds of problems to … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) What’s the Difference Between a Nonprofit and a 501(c)3?

We often hear the terms “nonprofit” and “501(c)3” being used interchangeably leading one to believe that they mean the same thing….but they don’t. Just because you’re a “nonprofit” does not mean that you automatically get a “501(c)3”, which makes … [Read more...]

Writing Your First Nonprofit Fundraising Letter

Right alongside “Death” and the “Fear of Public Speaking” is the “Fear of Writing a Nonprofit  Fundraising Letter”. But we’ve got you covered! The art of copywriting is the subject of intense debate, intense opinions, and most of the common wisdom … [Read more...]

How to Write a Magnetic 1 Sentence Nonprofit Mission Statement

  There's nothing more powerful than equipping you and your founding fans with a remarkable nonprofit mission statement. Your mission statement should act like a magnet - irresistible to anyone who might be interested in promoting or … [Read more...]

How to Name Your Nonprofit

  Your nonprofit name is important as it's your first impression, and it communicates your value to the world.  You're starting a nonprofit organization because you want to make an impact, and the best way to honor the people you’ll need … [Read more...]

What Exactly is a Nonprofit Organization?

  Our country has a long and rich tradition of people coming together to form nonprofit organizations that solve problems and benefit their communities and the world at large. The concept of a nonprofit is an important part of our history … [Read more...]