Nonprofit Compliance

Articles of Incorporation: Things to Consider Before You File

There are so many items to track when you’re considering how to start a nonprofit organization, it can make your head spin. But fear not. At Yippiekiyay, our job is to keep you on track so you’re not caught unprepared. Following the proper steps in … [Read more...]

How Online Fundraising Affects Charitable Solicitation Registration

 Online fundraising has become a key component of a nonprofit’s fundraising strategy.Tools such as Social media, “Donate” buttons, email campaigns and crowdfunding all allow nonprofits to access a broader audience while making it easy … [Read more...]

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Charitable Solicitations Registration

 Charitable solicitations registration (also called “Fundraising Compliance”) is not optional, it’s the law. 41 states require registration and the requirements vary by state. Think of it like a license to legally fundraise in your home … [Read more...]

Penalties for Neglecting to Register Your Nonprofit for Charitable Solicitations

A common question we get asked about fundraising compliance is “What’s the risk to my nonprofit for not registering for charitable solicitations properly?”The truth is, there are multiple risks and the penalties can vary by state. Let’s take a … [Read more...]

What is Nonprofit Fundraising Compliance?

 Fundraising Compliance is the law and a cornerstone of running a successful nonprofit.Fundraising Compliance enables you to raise money from targeted audiences legally and successfully and builds credibility with donors and grantmakers … [Read more...]