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Why Tax-Exempt Status Is Important for Your Nonprofit

“Can I deduct my donation on my income taxes?” This is a common refrain for potential donors as they consider charitable giving. While their heart may be in the right place, many charity supporters have to make sure their eyes are on their bank … [Read more...]

Part Two of Starting A Nonprofit: What You Need to Know About Writing Your Best Mission Statement

Have you ever stumbled across a nonprofit and wondered what exactly it is that they do? Who do they serve? What do they do for those they serve? Hopefully, you were able to go to their social media feed or website and figure it out pretty quickly … [Read more...]

Top 4 Benefits of Nonprofit Charitable Solicitation Registration

 Charitable solicitation registration (also called “Fundraising Compliance”) is not optional, it’s the law.41 states require registration and the requirements vary by state - making things complex - which is why most nonprofits partner … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Brings Yoga to Kids in Poverty | Sara Downey-Robinson | Rise Up Yoga

 Sara Downey- Robinson is the Founder and Executive Director of Rise Up Yoga, a nonprofit bringing trauma-informed yoga to kids in low-income public schools, teaching them stress resilience and mindfulness so they can succeed in … [Read more...]

How Nonprofits Can Build Your Business Skills | Cody Wood, Serial Socialpreneur

Cody Wood has a rich history in the nonprofit world, enjoying 17 years of launching and growing a variety of successful nonprofits ranging from ministries to health organizations to schools and even adoptive services.As a nonprofit leader, Cody … [Read more...]

Rant | Consumers Hoarding Cash

 Don't let negativity from the media (or anyone) rob you of your calling to do something important with your life.The world has fundamentally changed. Today, every individual is a powerhouse waiting to happen...but the media, the power … [Read more...]

The 5 Addenda Required on a 501c3 Application

 Successful IRS Nonprofit 501c3 Applications aren’t “filled out.” They’re ASSEMBLED.Therefore, you need to be sure to include the proper addenda and policies.IRS guidelines for submitting a Form 1023, (Application for Recognition of … [Read more...]

The Key Forms Required for IRS Approval on Your 501c3 Application

 Every year, thousands of IRS Form 501c3 applications get mired down in the offices of faraway bureaucrats—not because they violate any IRS rules or are poorly written, but because they omit key forms and schedules.Congratulations—you … [Read more...]

How to Recruit Your Nonprofit Board of Directors

 Why Does My Nonprofit Need a Board of Directors?First off, it’s a legal requirement.A nonprofit is a corporation and just like a for profit they exist independently of the founders. For example, the nonprofit board can hire and fire … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Leaders: Work less – live longer! (And happier)

Guest Post: Nonprofit Leaders, Work Less - live longer! (And Happier) In this post we’re going to explore a number of tech solutions that help solo founders of nonprofit organizations AND for-profits work less (on the tedious stuff), produce more, … [Read more...]