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How Do Mobile Donations Work

I constantly receive questions about text donations. The most familiar form of text donations is the process utilized by non-profit organizations like Red Cross for disaster relief.And the best example of this is probably the text the word Haiti … [Read more...]

5 Easy Steps for Starting a Nonprofit Organization

A few years ago I created a 5 part series of videos that walked you through how to start a nonprofit organization in 5 easy steps. Since then, we've been working hard at YippieKiYay to develop a software solution that makes it even easier called … [Read more...] “Working with Yippiekiyay Best Choice We Could Have Made”

If you've ever tried to navigate social services, you know how challenging the process can be--between juggling the unique requirements of various government agencies, filling out innumerable forms, and trying to piece together a comprehensive care … [Read more...]

Simple Tax Exempt Status — Making the Impossible Possible

What makes a person a hero? We’ve all heard stories of intrepid explorers or courageous soldiers, but what if your daily life seems much more ordinary than the actions we deem “heroic”? At Yippiekiyay, we believe anyone has the potential to be a … [Read more...]

Innovative advisory firm uses Yippiekiyay to accelerate IRS process

Innovative advisory firm uses Yippiekiyay to accelerate IRS tax-exempt status and fundraising compliance for world-changing nonprofits. A new way to support not-for-profit business Charitable and nonprofit organizations probably aren’t the first … [Read more...]

Yippiekiyay Rated “Top 10” of 102 Startups

March 18, 2015Contact: Joanna Meyer, [email protected], CO - In an in-depth assessment of investible startups, SaaS provider Yippiekiyay was rated "Top 10" of 102 applicants by the panel of judges at the 2015 Angel Capital Summit (ACS) … [Read more...]

Should your Nonprofit Corporation seek IRS Tax-Exempt Status?

While people loosely refer to a charitable organization under the term “nonprofit”, the term fails to convey the fact that there are two elements to a full-blown Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Corporation:Creation of the Entity: One must incorporate at … [Read more...]