Step 1, Customer Interview: Questions We’ll be Asking

Congratulations and thank you for partnering with Yippiekiyay to participate in our #Changemakers video series! Each #Changemakers Interview video is made up of will have several elements/segments: Logo/brand reveal, Show Introduction, Guest Bio, Interview, and Close/Outro.

Here is an example of the end product – we recommend watching the first two minutes, even if you can’t view the entire video:

So let’s get started! This post will cover the Bio and Interview questions, which are the backbone of a quality video you’ll be proud to post on your website and social media, and share with your tribe!

The goal of the Biography segment is to paint an in depth picture of you. It allows you to share your life story, what has shaped you and your values which provides rich context to the interview and allows you to better relate to donors, supporters, and the audience.

The questions below are what we’ll use to craft your biography. Please copy and paste them into a document or email and send to “jacqui at”. We understand you may not have relevant answers for all of the questions, but we encourage you to do the best you can. Getting answers back to us is better than procrastinating in pursuit of perfection – we’ll make you look good either way!

We’ll also potentially highlight a few of these questions in the interview, which we’ll discuss prior.

Please cut and paste these questions and answers in a Google doc, send to your Yippiekiyay representative and have them completed 2 days before your interview to allow our team prep time.

Biography Questions

  • Where did you grow up and what was your family and childhood like? How has this influenced you?
  • Education: Ivy league or school of hard knocks?
  • Career path: Any wins or disappointments? What did you learn?
  • What’s your favorite quote, book, or principle you live by and why?
  • What are your favorite accomplishments?
  • What obsessions to you explore on the evenings and weekends?
  • What’s the one thing you think makes you unique or successful?( What do friends, family, or colleagues tell you?)
  • What are you most proud of in your life?
  • Have you ever taken a stand for something important where it cost you, and what was that like for you?
  • What is something you believe in that other people think is insane?
  • What do you believe must absolutely change in this world? Or, what makes you feel outraged and why?
  • How has failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Or, do you have a favorite failure of yours?
  • What has been the most transformative event or influence in your life?

Yippiekiyay Customer Story Interview Questions

Below are the questions we’ll be asking you in our upcoming interview to share your amazing nonprofit story.

Your answers to these questions will help us help others by allowing Yippiekiyay to get deeper insights about the challenges and rewards you’ve experienced from starting your nonprofit, helping others understand the process and inspiring them on their own journeys.

This interview comes in two parts. The first part is all about you and your organization, and the second part is about your experience with us.

Please try and keep your responses brief and from the heart. This is super-important to help us provide the best material for you and for us to use to drive people to your website, social media pages, and to donate.

Last thing….don’t be nervous, you’re talking to a friend!

Interview Questions

1: Please give us your 1 sentence mission statement in the following format:

“We help ___________________ (the community you serve) by providing __________________(your nonprofit’s general activity or service) so they experience __________________(the result you aim to achieve).”

Want to go big and cast the vision about why this is important? Just add, “…so that __________ (describe how the world will look different)”.

2: Fast forward 5 years – you’ve wildly succeeded in your mission – how does the world look different?

3: Can you describe how you came up with the idea for your nonprofit?

4: Do you have a story about someone you’ve helped?
OR – Describe how things are now, how many people are signed up for your programs, how much more money you are raising, etc.

OR – Can you describe specific, measurable benefits or outcomes?

5: What are your short and long term goals for your organization?

6: If anyone wanted to learn more where would they go to learn about your organization or get in touch. (website, social media, sponsors etc)

7: Next, tell me how you felt about starting out with your nonprofits – did you feel excited, lost, challenged, frustrated, or even angry?

8: Describe your major challenge(s) before starting with us.
(Ex: The cost and complexity of starting a nonprofit and getting 501(c)3 status through the IRS and other professional services was insane!)

9: How did you find Yippiekiyay?

10: Besides Yippiekiyay, what other services or solutions did you consider to help you overcome these challenges? Why did they work/not work?

11: What set our service/solution apart from the other options? Why did you choose to use us?

12: What were your biggest hesitations before doing business with Yippiekiyay?

13: What have been the biggest benefits to your nonprofit from partnering with Yippiekiyay?  (For example, Thanks to the support Yippiekiyay provided, we were able to save thousands of dollars and get our 501(c)3 quick which allowed us to start raising money within our first 2 weeks of launching)

15: You’ve been successful in launching your mission. What advice would you give others looking to start a nonprofit? (Not advice about working with Yippiekiyay. Your own advice)

16. What are the main areas you’ll be using donations for in the future? (This is your “ask” of the audience. Respond as if you’re speaking to donors and supporters.)