Customer Journey Interview – B-Roll

Whether for your Yippiekiyay #Changemakers interview, or any other video project you may be contemplating, an important part of telling your story and creating a video that engages the audience is “B-Roll”.

B-Roll consists of video and image assets that help bring your story to life, and is strategically placed in the intro and throughout the interview conversation, adding extra context and value to the video.

For anyone wondering “What is B-Roll?” – and all of this is very useful if you are interested in learning to promote your nonprofit with video – here is an excellent explanation and demo of B-Roll and its use:

We need 2 types of B roll for your #Changemakers video interview project:

1. Assets supporting any of the questions in your biography
2. Assets supporting the amazing work you do with your nonprofit

Here are the types of assets you’ll need to provide:

  • Video and/or Images –  Pictures and/or video of you and your team doing your great work in the world. Particularly, this material should support 1) The biographical highlights based upon your answers to the Bio questionnaire, and 2) Anything relating to you and your organization interacting with the community you serve or any events you’ve had – again, supporting the highlights brought out by your the questions and answers to our Interview Questionnaire
  • Press, awards, recognition –  Do you have any clips or links to any press you’ve received? Awards or recognition of any kind? For example: Local newspapers, online publications, any mentions online etc.
  • Logo – Please send us your logo, your website URL, and and any important branding

Consider casting a wide net on anything you have. It doesn’t have to be professionally done. Any candid shots on your phone etc. could potentially be gems for B-Roll that may add greatness. Think with anything that shows your work, the value you add to your community, culture, and any shots of you and your teams being your authentic selves.

Please start working on gathering these materials ASAP with the goal of having them ready by the time you do your interview. These assets are important and will be sent along with the actual interview footage to our editing team to create the final masterpiece.

We’ve created a folder for you on Google Drive that you can place all of these assets in – you’ll be emailed the link.

Please don’t hesitate with any questions. We’re happy to help and we’re thrilled to work with you!