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41 States Regulate Solicitation

You want unlimited fundraising. Yet, 41 states including Washington, DC have enacted regulations on all fundraising activity by nonprofits. This registration process for “charitable solicitation” varies by state and depends on factors including annual revenues and method of fundraising - creating a confusing patchwork of government regulations.

Yippiekiyay's Done-For-You Registration Service will get you Fundraising Compliant, and steer you through the confusing maze of state laws so you can keep the donations rolling in.

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Nonprofits committed to best practices can't afford to ignore this issue; donors are checking state databases to verify compliance with registration laws, while penalties for failure to file range from large fines to potential loss of your state tax exemption.

You started your nonprofit to make an impact in the world, not to get mired in government forms - that's why we're proud to offer our streamlined Fundraising Compliance service.

  • One login to go from idea to 501(c)3 to 41-state compliant
  • Never fill out a government form!
  • Focus on your mission, not complex paperwork and ever-changing regulations
  • Your assigned concierge will walk you through the process
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Get compliant without wasting your time or money.

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With Yippiekiyay's Fundraising Compliance Service you don't have to worry about what states to file in, or how to file.

You login to our platform and enter the information one time and we take it from there.

It's the same unbeatable service, trusted by 1,000's of nonprofits to get their 501(c)3 status.

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Build trust with donors, raise unlimited funds, and protect your tax exempt status.

To help you understand this crucial topic we've compiled this Q&A section. Being out of compliance in a particular state could lead to the loss of your tax exempt status, compromise your mission, and impact relationships with your donors.

What exactly is the legal definition of "charitable solicitation activity"? +

You probably think of fundraising as receiving funds but state-by-state compliance laws cover not just receiving but providing a path for a donation.

They call this charitable solicitation - and its definition covers nearly every revenue-generating activity.

This includes a passive "donate" button on your organization's website, making any requests for money or property including any offer to sell a product or service - sweeping up nearly every method a nonprofit might employ to raise funds.

Again, it is the act of "soliciting" funds, even passively, that triggers the need for compliance with Charitable Solicitation Registration requirements.

  • A “Donate” button on your site or social media page
  • Email marketing, including “awareness” campaigns
  • Grant applications
  • Direct mail or telephone calls
  • In-person, live events - including passive invitations
  • Contracting professional fundraising services

Bottom line: today it is virtually impossible to operate a nonprofit without "soliciting" in multiple states.

What is fundraising compliance? +

In an effort to reduce charity fundraising fraud, 41 U.S. states have imposed mandatory charitable solicitation registration requirements on nonprofits. The registration process varies by state, and further depends on factors including annual revenues and method of fundraising - creating a confusing patchwork of regulations.

State government agencies including Attorneys General and Secretaries of State have staffed compliance enforcement departments with prosecutors and Administrative Law judges, and a finding of noncompliance can result in monetary fines, criminal and civil penalties, or revocation of the right to fundraise.

Therefore, even a passive website “donate” button or user-generated “share” can result in your organization being targeted and penalized, often publicly listed as an “offender” online—alongside illegal scam operations.

Do you need to be compliant? +

The answer is probably "yes."

If you live in one of the 41 states and raise any funds at all, you likely have a requirement to file in your state. But it might be a much bigger issue for you. Here's why...

...if you ask for donations online you may need to become compliant in all 41 states. Compliance was once a problem only for big, national nonprofits but now it impacts almost any organization regardless of size.

Do all states have registration requirements? +

Most states require organizations to register before soliciting, but in most cases allow organizations already displaying a “donate” button or using other avenues, to register in good faith with ‘amnesty’ - without penalty for prior activity.

What are the registration requirements? +

The process is typically as follows:

  • Complete a registration application, using each state’s unique forms and process. The so-called “Unified Registration Statement” is no longer accepted or advised in most states.
  • Submitting official, recorded, articles of incorporation, and financial statements to the state charity official.
  • Satisfy ancillary requirements, which may include qualifying as a “foreign” (out of state) entity, and naming a Registered Agent.
  • Annual renewals are required in all but two states (DC and GA), which are biennial.
  • Due dates vary by state, and are often based on the organization’s fiscal year end and/or Federal IRS Form 990 filing dates.
  • In many states, an extension may be filed to remain in good standing. Monitoring the matrix of dates and triggers is crucial to prevent falling out of compliance with these laws and risking penalties.

Government Filing Fees: In many states, the fee is under $50; fees may be determined by annual budget.

What are the penalties and risks? +

Depending on the state, the agency typically responsible for fundraising regulations is either the Attorney General or the Secretary of State, while the officials in charge have ramped up from passive registration to, in some cases, fairly aggressive regulatory enforcement.

Increasing use of technology leaves even the smallest nonprofits subject to exposure and penalties, with database and online research tools being used not only to unearth noncompliant organizations, but to publicly list them, damaging the reputation of nonprofits beyond any penalties assessed. Board members are particularly at risk as their reputation may suffer broad harm based upon a finding of noncompliance.

For charitable, compliance is now a fact of life—a cost of doing business. Penalties range from civil fines to criminal charges and may include revocation of the right to solicit, as well as the organization being listed publicly as an offender.

What should I do next? +

Until recently, organizations only had two options for dealing with the maze of fundraising regulations:

  1. Do-it-Yourself: Some organizations attempt to navigate the myriad combinations of triggers, filing dates, and attachments and/or audits required, in-house. This can take staff away from important programs and projects for weeks or months and with likely mistakes and delays, causing your organization to incur monetary fines or legal consequences. This is why most nonprofits seek help with these regulations.
  2. Professional Firms: Law firms, accountants, and consultants using traditional, clunky processes, billed at an hourly rate, eventually costing between $8,000 and $12,000 per year to register across the U.S.

Now, there is an easier and less costly option with Yippiekiyay’s easy-to-use Fundraising Compliance Service and our friendly expert support. Your organization’s stakeholders and donors get the confidence that comes with compliance...and together, you get to be the “heroes”. Our easy online registration process costs one-third compared with attorney fees, and is completed in a fraction of the traditional staff time.

Yippiekiyay = Technology + People + Expertise

Our easy-to-use online platform, managed by your expert concierge will save you time and money

Compliance made painless

At Yippiekiyay, we believe in the power of technology to simplify your life. This is why we offer a simple, cloud-based platform to gather the information we need—most of which you already have at your fingertips.

But technology is only part of the picture. Your compliance concierge has the knowledge and skill to get you through the state-by-state maze of fundraising registration, so you can stay focused on your core competencies and your mission!

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    Michael Hirschman Board Chairman, Four Wheeled Emergency Assistance Team

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    Our compliance expert will deliver the final drafts as PDF files for your approval.

    Sign the forms and we’ll mail everything Express to the states along with your filing fees.

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    We give you peace of mind so you can relax knowing that we’ve got you covered.

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