Guarantee Policy

4-Way Yippiekiyay Guarantee Policy


#1 – Satisfaction Guarantee


We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee until the point that your Concierge engages in actual work completing your 501c3 Incorporation, EIN, 501c3 Application for Tax-Exempt Status, or Compliance process. Once such work has commenced, it is assumed that you intend to complete the Application process.

#2 – “Fast 501c3 Approval” Guarantee

We’re confident our process protects clients and customers from unforeseen snags in the IRS approval process. If you fail to receive approval in less than the average processing time the IRS declares on their Exempt Organizations hotline (check anytime at toll-free 877-829-5500), we’ll refund the applicable service fees paid.*

#3 – 100% Approval Rate Guarantee

We have a 100% approval rate for all submissions, and guarantee your application will be eligible for the appropriate approvals (e.g., IRS 501(c)3 status or charitable solicitation), or we will provide a full refund. If the state or federal agency issues a final decision that your organization’s application is ineligible for the exemption/registration applied for, we’ll not only refund fees paid to Yippiekiyay, we’ll also refund the related federal or state application submission fees.

#4 – Inquiry Support Guarantee**

You get free, personal guidance from your Nonprofit Concierge specifically assigned to your file, to help you navigate any questions from the governing state or government agency. In the event you receive a letter or request for additional information from the IRS or state agency to substantiate or corroborate the information provided in your application, your Concierge will be available via phone, chat or email to address any questions.