How to Incorporate a Nonprofit

Now it’s time to create your entity. There are two steps:

  1. Draft a Unanimous Consent resolution to authorize officers, activities and general responsibilities – download a sample here:
  1. File Articles of Incorporation
  • Some states allow a single incorporator, but if yours isn’t one of them ask a couple of friends to serve on your Founding Board (see next Checklist step). You’ll need two board members later to file for Tax-Exempt Status with the IRS.
  • The process of incorporating varies from state to state. We’ve provided links to the relevant government agencies in your state:
  • Don’t forget, you’ll need to attach the proper language containing your organization’s Dissolution and Purpose Clause to your Articles of Incorporation before filing, or the IRS will reject your application for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status!
  • For further instruction, see this post on How to Incorporate Your Nonprofit:
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