How to raise nonprofit seed funding by phone

How to Raise Seed Capital for Your Nonprofit: #1 Method: Phone

Kitties and Phones_fundraisingWelcome to Yippiekiyay and our 10-Step Foolproof Phone Fundraising Formula.

This is Installment 1 of our Series: The Hero’s Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising.

Want to raise fast cash for your new nonprofit? Here is a simple, proven  way to get the most money for the least effort – hands down. When you’re starting out, the lowest-effort/highest-yield activity is …(drum roll please)…take a guess…

– in-person?
– email?
– social media?
– direct mail?
– events?

None of the above. It’s your smartphone.

But instead of doing comfy things that don’t put you on the spot, like texting or emailing, you need to actually use your phone for…get this…

…calling people! How quaint.

But why?

There’s an easy principle you can apply to any relationship dynamics, regardless of raising money or just being a good family member or neighbor. When it comes to communication method:

More personal (phone, in person)>less personal (email, text, broadcast)

(In case it’s not obvious, that’s the elementary school “greater than” sign!)

Here’s the other thing about phone calls: People have become accustomed to bad phone etiquette: Automated calls, pushy cold-callers who don’t shut up, dinnertime interruptions, and just plain disrespect.

All you need to do to stand out as a better person and organization than most of the other people your would-be donors encounter is…don’t do any of the above!

For more detail, download the “10-Step Foolproof Phone Fundraising Formula Printable PDF Guide with Slides” below , but for now, let’s go over the acrostic I use to teach preparation for fundraising: F.U.N.D.S.

  • FEAR: Confront and overcome it. We’ll cover this in upcoming training. In short, you are trying to change the world and have no time to waste.  You need to understand: 1) that most people are looking for more meaning in their lives (and aren’t able to do as much as they would like in their current job, or are too busy; 2) Many spend money on things they do not need, only to get less satisfaction than they would get out of your monthly newsletter about how they helped save a child or animal; and 3) if you aren’t willing to ask for money, you don’t have enough belief in your cause.
  • USE OF FUNDS: The problem, the Solution and Your Unique Approach. Simply make a list of the things you’d like to accomplish over the next 60 days.
  • NUMBER: How much hard cash in the bank do you want to have at the end of this campaign? Base this on the list you made above.
  • DIVERSION: Set a little reward out for yourself.
  • SPACE: Set up a quiet dedicated place, and a time that will be free of interruption.

Now that you’re prepared, here are the 10 Steps:

Step 1: Build your “house file”. A “house file” is just a fancy word for supporter list. First, “brain dump” your list of names.
Step 2: Look up the contact information. Doing this separately will allow you to come up with a bigger list.
Step 3: Determine a Dollar Amount:  Come up with a list of the things you’ll need to do for the particular phase or campaign upon which you are embarking. See the example “Use of Funds” list in the download.
Step 4: Write your first fundraising “script”. Three parts: 1) Introduction; 2) Making Your Case; 3) The Close
Step 5: Make your calls. Make the Ask. Then BE QUIET.
Step 6: They will give excuses. Calmly ask again.
Step 7: Thank the No’s. In Writing.
Step 8: Send Remittances (or payment links) to the “Yes” and “Maybe” crowd.
Step 9: Follow Up. Every week, call the list of commitments and “Maybe’s” until you receive their funds.
Step 10: Thank every donor in a special, personal way from the HEART and remind them of the difference they’ve made!

If you follow the procedure outlined above, we guarantee you will raise money.


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