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Investment Opportunity

Yippiekiyay Systems Inc., D/B/A Yippiekiyay Nonprofit Solutions, is currently undertaking a Reg D 506c Offering to accredited investors only. Minimum investment is $25,000, with no maximum.

For more information and a demo call, please reach out to our CFO Paul Dickman at 303-306-4669 or email [email protected]

For accredited investors only pursuant to Reg D 506c

Yippiekiyay is the first mover as a provider of online Software as a Service (“SaaS”) for the $1.58 Trillion nonprofit sector – offering an online platform to automate nonprofit incorporation, filing for 501c3 tax-exempt status, state-level fundraising compliance, and other services.

Replacing up to $10,000-$15,000 per year in recurring and legally required services through software and customer support at one-third the price, Yippiekiyay is following the model of companies like the dominant upstart online SEC filing platform Webfilings (now Workiva) and online legal service, the Company helps nonprofits with their complex and growing government filing and compliance burdens. Our first two products have a nearly $700MM market potential.

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