CONGRATULATIONS on taking the Final Step to get your 501(C)3 FILED!



Check your email inbox for your receipt; your payment will clear in 2 business days then we will submit your IRS Application immediately! We expect the IRS to take up to 6-8 weeks to approve your file - it may be shorter depending on their workload. Scroll down for more info - then go celebrate!

Here's what you need to do next...

Here's what you need to do next...

  • Search Online for your Approval

    We do NOT receive your IRS approval – you will be mailed your 501(c)3 Approval letter by mail.

    OR…you can use this “hack” to find out sooner! Go to and enter your Organization Name or EIN Number.

    WEIRD IRS FACT: Sometimes the IRS will mail the Approval first via snail mail, sometimes it will appear in this database sooner. If the online search works, you may or may not be able to download the Approval Letter. Whatever the case, we cannot help with this as we are not authorized to speak on your behalf.


  • Check on your "Annual Report" Due Date

    Each state has its own “Annual” or “Periodic” Report Requirement.

    Search for your state’s Annual Report requirement and note it in your calendar. Failure to file as required is one of the primary reasons that small Organizations lose their status of Good Standing as a corporate entity.

    If you would be interested in Yippiekiyay doing the Annual Report for you, please let us know, as we are considering offering this service in the future. Thus far, we’ve primarily stuck with what we are best at – getting you from “Idea to IRS Approval” quickly and efficiently, for the best value in anywhere in the world.

  • Consider Our 990-N Tax Return Service

    All Nonprofit Organizations from $0 (yep, ZERO) to $50,000 MUST file a 501(c)3 990-N “Tax Return” by May 15 of the year following their creation. Next year may seem far away, but you can have peace of mind knowing this is being taken care of.

    Let us do it FOR you in less than 10 minutes’ work! We already have much of the information we need to file your “tax return” (called the IRS 990-N Information Return by the IRS, since you have a non-taxed entity), so we will confirm your information when the filing is due – and file your 990-N.

    Only $175 for a limited time. Click here or below to sign up NOW.

Yes! File my 990-N!

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