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    • “We needed trouble-free IRS approval to meet a grant application deadline. We reviewed several options and went with the YippieKiYay Formation Package. We got approval in only 6 weeks!
      Thanks for your amazing service!”

    • “As a busy small business owner, I don’t have time for confusing forms or phone tag with the IRS. Thanks to the Yippiekiyay Formation Package, we received our IRS 501(C)(3) in only six weeks, our seed donor matched our funds, and now we’re helping change kids’ lives.”

    • “I’ve previously tried to fill out the Form 1023 and have been totally confused. I don’t know what I would have done without the Yippiekiyay system! I received approval super-fast, and appreciated the personal attention that put me at ease!”

    • “I have nothing but good things to say about Yippiekiyay, and their staff. From the time the process started till it ended it was efficient seamless and easy. What i believed to be a complicated hard process that would take a long time did not. All my questions were answered quickly and efficiently. I not only recommend them but would choose them again and again if i have to incorporate any other non-profit organizations in the future.”

    • “We had a wonderful surprise when we got back home last night. We have been granted tax exemption from the IRS – in under 2 months. Thanks again and nice job guiding us through this arduous process of acquiring 501(C)(3) status!”

    Yippiekiyay “saves the heroes so they can save the world” by making it easier to do good through nonprofits.
    Our company culture is predicated upon the following values:

    We Provide the Highest Value Products and Services Available
    Our calling is to make the maximum positive impact on the world by empowering others through to change the world according to their calling.

    We Exceed Customers’ Expectations to Help Them Serve at Their Highest Level
    Our customers are the most important part of our business and we focus on their needs and goals first and foremost.

    We Serve the Global Community Through our Customers
    Our business has a relationship with the causes and communities we serve around the world, and we seek to deepen those connections.

    We Create Prosperity Through Growth of Revenues and Profits
    We are committed to maximizing shareholder value by expanding markets and reaching a growing section of nonprofit leaders with high-value products, services and support.

    We Celebrate the Infinite Potential of our Customers
    Every communication, every interaction, internally and externally is an opportunity to express love, support and permission to do the impossible and the implausible.

    We Strive to Make Every Stakeholder Transaction Win-Win
    In every transaction we engage in, in any direction, we strive to serve the best interest of all parties. Judgment calls are guided by this value.

    Our Team Members Contribute to a Learning Organization
    Every team member works to automate, integrate and innovate in a way that will evolve their position to a best and higher use, with commensurate increase in compensation and quality of life.

    We Serve Every Stakeholder on Their Life Journey
    Life and work are part of the same experience; our goal is to help empower every stakeholder to actualize their maximum self-defined human potential in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.