Tech with a Human Touch

Before launching our InstantNonprofit solution, half of our team had been working as nonprofit consultants for several years, with the other half living in the technology world. We were making a living, and building 501(c)3 files and fundraising programs one at a time was rewarding at heart, but we didn’t want to turn away heroes like you because we just didn’t have the bandwidth and tools to help them all.

Now, Yippiekiyay is proud to offer the tools necessary to help more people successfully form, file and grow their nonprofits. Our goal is to drive the cost down and ease of use and effectiveness up for nonprofit services – starting with free incorporation services and currently providing the only guaranteed fast 501(c)3 application filing service of its kind.

As we build out our technology infrastructure, it frees up resources to add more services to support your mission. For example, fundraising is at the heart of every organization. Not only will we be launching online compliance tools to assist with state and federal regulations, but we offer outstanding webinars and consulting services to help you raise funds quickly and compliantly right now.

Our Promise

We promise to make your experience in starting a nonprofit as simple and useful to your mission as possible. After years of working with charities and especially filing Form 1023s for nonprofit status, we have learned some important things:

  • You want to be focused on your mission – not wasting time filing paperwork, incorporating a nonprofit, and Form 1023
  • The IRS wants specifics, but trying to “overcomply” makes their job harder and your process longer
  • The primary enemy of nonprofit founders and managers is “overwhelm”, hence our “step-by-step” focus

We learned how to balance technology and the right amount of human intervention and judgement so your application goes through as quickly as possible. We are converting this knowledge into a very smart web app supported by a team of experienced nonprofit experts and paralegals to continually improve what we do:

Support community heroes like you.