The Hero’s Journey – A Universal Paradigm

HeroKidShot-wHerosJourney“It has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward, in counteraction to those that tend to tie it back.”   – Joseph Campbell

The story of Yippiekiyay is not unlike the mythic story of discovery traveled by countless others across the millennia. It’s the universal Journey as beautifully laid out by comparative mythologist Professon Joseph Campbell in his groundbreaking work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces: The Hero’s Journey is the story of the man or woman who, through epic trials, reaches an experience of the eternal source and returned with gifts powerful enough to set their society free”.

Zooming in from the esoteric to the everyday, ours is the same journey one might imagine regarding the inventors of the iPhone, penicillin, and the washing machine: “How can we solve a problem that plagues humans?”

We discovered the problem of mind-numbing bureaucratic obstacles faced by people who want to do good back in 2010, when our founder offered to complete a 501(c)(3) application. That people who wanted to do good in the world would face a confusing application process, obscure questions with hidden gotchas, and long approval delays seemed a moral outrage. (Hint: There’s a theme here…)

Something. Must. Be. Done.

It’s been a long journey from helpful, free videos in 2010 to basic web forms in 2012 to full-blown software in 2015. Since the beginning, when there was no company, we’ve provided valuable tools, tips and training on starting and running a nonprofit to hundreds of thousands, and worked directly with hundreds more organizations of humans out to do good.

We leverage hundreds of calls and interviews with current and ex-IRS Exempt Organizations agents and nonprofit experts, weeks winding through a mountain of books, and reviews of other nonprofit tools and services so you don’t have to – for the sole purpose of bringing more good into the world.

Going forward at Yippiekiyay, we look forward to expanding wider and deeper to provide support for the things that distract heroes like you from focusing on your mission – for lower cost, less hassle, and with a rewarding user experience.

Let us know about YOUR journey, and how we can help!